A model made on commission, based on conversion photos the client provided (so it's someone else's idea), with lava base to fit the rest of the army (Khorne Daemonbomb).

Not much more to say, really... Oh, it took 2 days converting it and 5 days painting. Not bad for a week's work...


The skulls on the raider armour plates are also repeated on each limb (the inner part of the armour) and are a continuation of what I did with the Khorne lord on bike for the same client.

The lava was just a white glue squeezed straight from tube, with an overlapping S pattern all over, dried with a hairdryer and then another layer added - a few times. Then some sand and gravel was sprinkled here and there plus some lead scatter I had laying around and after all was force-dried (so that it wouldn't just smoothen out) a watered down layer of PVA was added to merge all these together a bit. The rocks are broken and boiled fimo again.

Painting - white undercoat, heavy coat of Bad Moon Yellow, then progressively lighter drybrushes in the following order: Golden Yellow, Fiery Orange, Blazing Orange, Blood Red, Red Gore, Scab Red, Black. The rocks were painted the same way until teh Red Gore, which was instead applied as a wash to the top and the upper part of the sides, then Chaos Black washed over the uppermost part of sides and top of the rocks. The transition was smoothed with Blood Red and Blazing Orange washed, and the top of the rocks was drybrushed with Codex Grey and some white.

Q: I am just wondering...as I would like to do something like that for my Tsons army... how many Defiler sets is that? As for the work itself... I have no words that would do it justice. It is by far the most beautiful piece I have ever seen. Beautiful! Have you ever posted how you do your NMM Gold?!? Link?!?!

These are 2 Defiler sets. Just count the legs. The body was cut with a saw just after the boxy thing where you mount the torso on, and on the other side in such a way as to leave 2 holding sockets on one part and the wider one on the other. To meet the cut lines had to go in a _|- shape and left a huge gap in the upper side of both 2-socket parts that was filled in with the raider grill parts. On the other hand, it left me with 2 wider-socket parts that I used for my Knight Titan (well, I needed just 1 actually, as I only had 1 set of large claws left).

Then the gold: (or brass as I wanted it to be in this case)
Chaos Black undercoat,
Bestial basecoat,
Blazing orange layer,
Fiery Orange layer,
Snakebite to merge them,
Golden Yellow over orange,
Bald Moon Yellow (Vallejo) over teh edges,
Skin Wash (Vallejo wonderful matt ink) over all,
Bald Moon Yellow again,
Skull white over uppermost places of BMY,
watered-down Scorched Brown to provide contrast,
Scorched Brown lines next to bright lines.

Q: I've been looking at your CMON gallery and wow... How do you deal with Tony Manero? He's a royal pain in the arse. Really immature.

I stumbled upon his comments on my minis only a week ago or so, and that's why I overreacted at first.
I usually deal with such things by not paying any attention to my or any other CMON account. I found a year ago that CMON is way too "Ohh- ahh, we're so much better than you, have a 1, boy!" for my tastes and I just use it as a means to boost the number of visitors when I have something on auction. Unfortunately, from time to time I have a model I'm really proud of, and I want to show it also on CMON. That's when they burst my bubble, usually. Placing a model on CMON is usually just like asking to get spit in the eye.

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madtroll pisze...

Yeah I agree completely on the cmon thing.

lot of haters on that site.

awesome model btw

Muskie pisze...

I too find CMON more than cliquey. I know I can paint. I paint my army, my way, so I paint a lot of rank and file not a lot of showcase stuff.

Anyway consider your site linked to!