Q: Wow, how long did it take to paint?

About 2 months converting and painting. Don't know the number of hours that went into these during these 2 months, but quite a few.

Q:The skull effect on the bike 'hull-plates' is awesome. A step by step method description to be awaited?

1) Shade the red as usual, up to Blood Red and down to Scab red (Blending is my method of choice)
2) With watered down Blood Red, draw the brow and cheeks of the skull. then add a line for the skull top and some lines for the teeth.
3) Reapply the Blood Red as a start to highlighting
4) Highlight with Blazing Orange
5) Highlight with Fiery orange
6) shade with Red Gore
7) wash with Blood Red
8) wash with Red Gore
9) highlight with Blood Red
10) Highlight with Blazing Orange on edges of armour
11) wash with Black.
Simple as that.

Q: All I can say Is WOW ,Everything is out of this world :eek: ,Any chance of a Guide for how you did the base (building and painting) Please

I first sculpted an inversed lava surface, then pressed it onto every base's greenstuff. I then stuck rocks made of boiled fimo (hard one) into it and re-sculpted any areas needing some more detail/definition.
Painting: white undercoat, drybrush order: Bad Moon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Fiery and Blazing Orange, Blood Red. Then gently washed uppermost parts with Red Gore. After this was dry, washed with Black the uppermost parts of the rocks. After this dried, drybrushed with Codex Grey a bit. Voila!

Q: SWEET JESUS how much did this client pay you? His house, wife and firstborn from the looks of it.

It would be quite hard for her to pay me with her wife... The Thirster alone was $300. I was quite amazed how well the Balrog parts fitted on. Thirster's legs were cut into 3 parts and 6mm in total added to them, plus 3mm of his underbelly were also sculpted on as he grew there too.

Q: omg the skulls on those bikes are fantastic!!!! from a gamin angle khorne bikers cant have melta guns but hey... heh

The skulls are only on the Lord. I was just doing the modelling bit, and giving advice on how many and which daemons to include. The bikers setup was the client's and I didn't really even thought of checking the validity of this.

Q: OMG. It's soooo good! Best Khorne army ever! Now make some berserkers!

Thanks. :) There will be no Berserkers unless someone commissiones me some, but I can tell you I'm now starting on a Defiler conversion for this army. It will sport a suitably large lava base, won't have the torso, and will have the same skulls as the Lord on its carapace.

For bases… Fimo... I don't know if that's the right stuff, we call it modelline in Poland (even though we can also get the actual "fimo" too, and it seems similar, but much softer). Some thermo-hardening putty. Just use the hardest one you can get to make rocks, and just break it into basic rock shapes, then cut the bottom flat, then boil.

The heads are beastmen heads - Ungor for the bikers and Gor for the lord.

As for the wheels, I just couldn't figure out how on earth the black magma rock would dirt the wheels. Some black or dark grey dust, I suppose. Mud would just look all too silly on these bases.

The axe handles... On bikers they're standard ones, on Lord it's Plastruct hexagonal profile, and on Bloodthirster it's plastruct pipe with round profile stuck inside, and all pinned. The spikes are of course toothpicks.

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